Applebee's waitress fired for posting pastor's receipt

Applebee's waitress fired for posting pastor's receipt

CREATED Feb 1, 2013

St. Louis, MO (KTNV) -- Here is a story that has everyone talking. The saga of the pastor, the waitress and the Applebee's receipt.

A waitress for an Applebee's in St. Louis is looking for a new job after she was fired by Applebee's. The reason? She posted a pastor's receipt online and now the pastor and the waitress are talking.

Alois Bell, the pastor at the Truth in the Word Deliverance Ministries, questioned on the receipt why she had to pay an automatic 18 percent tip for a large party.

A waitress at the restaurant showed another waitress, Chelsea Welch, who took a picture of it and posted it online.

Now, Applebee's has fired Welch for posting a customer's private information.

The waitress says that she is sorry about the privacy part but still calls the pastor's move "comically immature."

The pastor notes that she did leave a $6 tip but that she is sorry about writing all that on the receipt. She says that she did not want to get anyone fire.

On Sunday, she plans to tackle the issue in her sermon.