Police: Brazen burglars kicking in doors

Katie Crowther

Police: Brazen burglars kicking in doors

CREATED Jan. 31, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A brazen type of burglary is on the rise. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department say some thieves are targeting both homes and apartments and they're getting in after a simple knock at the door.

Detective Angela McClelland, with LVMPD's Property Crimes Unit, says the suspects knock to check if your home and if no one answers  they kick the door in to get at your stuff.

So far, LVMPD has arrested nine men for at least 30 of these door-kick burglaries.

The suspects are allegedly tied to a local crime ring that's been recruiting teenagers to help do the dirty work. If juveniles get caught, they're not going to face as strict of penalties or jail time.

According to LVMPD, the burglarizing started as a gang initiation, but became very lucrative. The suspects typically get away with high-end electronics, jewelry and cash.

McClelland says if a homeowner does answer the front door of a targeted residence, the suspect typically makes up an excuse about having the wrong address and immediately leaves.

In some cases, the homeowner is actually inside and just chooses not to answer the door. Police say face-to-face contact with a suspect who just broke in can lead to a more dangerous situation.

Investigators found many of their suspects through fingerprinting, as well as through tracing stolen items at local pawn shops. LVMPD expects to make more arrests, in this ongoing investigation.