North Las Vegas police search for third suspect in robbery

Joyce Lupiani

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North Las Vegas police search for third suspect in robbery

CREATED Jan. 31, 2013

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- North Las Vegas police are still looking for a man who is a suspect in a robbery that happened early Wednesday morning.

It all began shortly before 2 a.m. Wednesday morning with a robbery at a home located in the 8800 block of Casa Colina Court, near Jones Boulevard and Iron Mountain Road.

Two people were inside the home when three people entered with weapons. One of the intruders fired at one of the residents but no one was injured.

The three intruders stole some items in the home and took the residents' car.

At around 1:06 a.m. Thursday morning, a North Las Vegas Police patrol car spotted the stolen vehicle and a short chase began. The car soon stopped and the three people inside took off on foot.

Two people were arrested almost immediately. The third person is still on the loose.

Stolen property from the house was found inside of the car.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say that there is a "high probability" that the three persons in the stolen car are the same ones that broke into the home on Wednesday.

They are also investigating the possibility that the three suspects could be responsible for four other burglaries/robberies.