Wounded military veterans bike trails of Blue Diamond

Makayla Zurn

Wounded military veterans bike trails of Blue Diamond

CREATED Jan. 30, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) --Injured veterans from all over the country have come to Las Vegas for a special bike ride. It's the Ride 2 Recovery Mountain Bike Challenge. The wounded vets tackled trials near Blue Diamond as part of their rehabilitation.

Scrapes, bumps and bruises on the trail don't compare to the physical and emotional wounds these servicemen and women have endured. But all is put aside on the trail. Riding a bike is healing for these vets.

"The dizziness, the wobble on a bike, it just goes away, it's just therapy," said wounded vet and Retired US Navy, Robert Ferrara.

Riders say it's also the interactions with other veterans and their shared stories that helps them with all kinds of social anxieties and even PTSD.

"I think it builds a lot of camaraderie. You belong to a certain group again," said Leonard Day, another wounded veteran.

Ride 2 Recovery doesn't let any injury limit this healing process. Everyone is equal on a bike. Some of these veteran riders lost limbs while in combat so Ride 2 Recovery adapts bikes to fit their specific injuries.

"They have electronic shifting, they have a lot of different adaptations that they do. It doesn't matter what your injuries are, you get on a bike and you ride," said Ferrara.

And ride they do. The grueling trail is long but pushes them that much farther on their road to recovery.

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