Dirty Dining: Stevie's Catering and Cafe

Darcy Spears


Dirty Dining: Stevie's Catering and Cafe

CREATED Jan. 23, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Everybody complains about bad airplane food, which is why you might not be surprised about who landed on Dirty Dining this week.
Chief Investigator Darcy Spears shows us what you might get served on a private jet.
Expired Italian pasta and and sour cream that's no longer at its best.
Those are two things inspectors found in the fridge at Stevie's Aviation Catering and Cafe.
At an airport that's home to private jets and helicopter tours on East Tropicana, the cafe was slapped with a 28-demerit "C" grade during a Jan. 11 inspection.
We dropped by on Monday to see what things look like now.
"I'm Darcy Spears from Channel 13.  We need to talk to the person in charge about the health inspection for our Dirty Dining report."
Employee: Oh.  Um... let me see.
She disappears into the back and we're left to check out the Dirty brand chips for sale.
When inspectors were there, they found dirty food contact surfaces throughout the place, including the slicer, food processor and can opener, and the grill press was caked with muck. 
Inspectors also found dirty utensil storage containers and kitchenware stored in the hand sink splash zone.   
There was mold on one of the food container lids in the fridge, a grease-filled sink that wasn't draining properly, and the base cover near the floor is obviously in need of attention. 
As for the food, a suspicious-looking green spot on the salmon indicated that it may have been starting to turn. 
There was also a bunch of uncovered food in the fridge, from sauce to cheese to cooked ribs.   
Stevie's Catering Company believes the Health District's action was triggered by a false report, but the District tells us it was just a routine inspection.
After we've been waiting awhile, the chef comes out from the kitchen.
Chef: Can I help you?
"Yeah, hi.  I'm Darcy Spears from channel 13."
Chef: There's nobody in charge here.  Can you guys come back tomorrow?
We were planning on it, but things changed and the catering company's corporate office in California sent a written statement instead.
It says in part: "We understand your mission is to make Las Vegas a better place.  Over the past two and a half years, STEVIE'S Cafe has maintained an A rating from the Health Department."
Hold on a second.  we checked with the Health District and they say that's not true.
Stevie's Cafe received a "C" grade last February. 
The statement goes on to say, "STEVIE'S Cafe has always thrived by doing the right thing - in and outside the kitchen. Over the past days, we have diligently worked with the Health Department. We have called for an inspection this week and have no doubt an A rating will hang on our door once again. We, too, make it our mission to make Las Vegas a better place."
They did just get re-inspected Wednesday afternoon and are back up to an "A" grade.