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Local boy recovering after vicious dog attack

Local boy recovering after vicious dog attack

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Jan 17, 2013
Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Just like any other 6-year-old boy, Carlos Blakely plays action-packed video games with his cousins. But violence on the big screen doesn't compare to the vicious dog attack that left Carlos with permanent scars. 
"They bit a piece of his ear off and half of his scalp," his mom Julie Campos said.
The attack happened during the holidays when Carlos was visiting family in California. He was mauled by three big dogs. His sister Christina ran for help.  
"I saw my grandpa carrying Carlos and my grandpa was screaming," Christina said.
Rescue crews airlifted Carlos to a local hospital where he spent New Years recovering, but not understanding he wouldn't look the same.  
"Every time he would wake up he would ask me and his daddy if the doctors had already fixed his face," Campos said. 
Doctors were able to stitch the boy's cheek, but it's another year until he can have full reconstructive surgery. 
"We are going to try to get him his cosmetic surgery to at least try to get him to look good enough for him to be able to have a normal life," Campos said. She knows her son is a strong kid, but he's not the same since the attack. 
Campos remembers Carlos as the son with a smile always on his face, now he struggles to smile just halfway. But playing video games lets him forget the scars, and feel like his old self. 
The family has set up a fund at Chase Bank to help pay for medical expenses. The account number is 2985086673. 
For more information on Carlos and how you can help his recovery, click here.
Victoria Spilabotte

Victoria Spilabotte

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Victoria Spilabotte is the weekend anchor for Good Morning Las Vegas, as well as a general assignment reporter.