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Nevada gets "F" for tobacco prevention

Nevada gets "F" for tobacco prevention

CREATED Jan. 16, 2013

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) -- The American Lung Association is giving Nevada an "F" for tobacco control and prevention efforts.

A 2012 report released Wednesday also gives Nevada a failing grade for smoking cessation programs.

The report says that although Nevada receives $143 million in tobacco-related revenue yearly, it only invests a fraction of that amount on tobacco prevention and cessation programs.

It also criticizes Nevada for its low tax on cigarettes, currently 80 cents per pack. The national average is $1.45.

Nevada hasn't raised the cigarette tax since 2003.

The American Lung Association estimates tobacco causes 3,300 deaths annually in Nevada and costs the state's economy $1.6 billion in health care and lost productivity.