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Tech Cocktail brings together Las Vegas startup community

Molly Waldron

Tech Cocktail brings together Las Vegas startup community

CREATED Jan. 11, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Tech Cocktail is a mixer of sorts, but not the alcoholic kind.

It's a place where tech companies and local startups can come together working toward a common goal.

"It's really just bringing all those people together, and then it's that first point of contact that if you don't know what you're doing, you can meet some of those folks and get started," said Frank Gruber, co-founder of Tech Cocktail.

Ideas and inspiration are passed around like martinis at a local bar in Las Vegas.

The meetings offer a local resource to companies in their early stages, or those launching new products and eager to grow their businesses.

"What's happening down here is a really special moment in time," said Rich Belsky, CEO of Roll Tech. "If you could be at the beginning of what Silicon Valley became, that's what's happening in downtown Vegas, but with heart." 

And it's happening fast. Many of the companies launched within the last year or two. Others relocated to be a part of Vegas' tech growth.

Dylan Jorgensen recently moved his online ticket sales business, Ticket Cake, to Las Vegas full-time.

"I couldn't believe we had more feedback from just one week here, just talking with people than we did with $500,000 worth of sales in Utah," said Jorgensen.

That feedback comes from gatherings much like Tech Cocktail.

The event, held once a month, connects all the right people to turn ideas into reality.

To learn more about Tech Cocktail, click here.