Elderly woman hit and killed campaigned for crosswalk on the road

Victoria Spilabotte

Elderly woman hit and killed campaigned for crosswalk on the road

CREATED Jan. 11, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The card reads, "Doris you will be missed." It's in memory of 83-year-old Doris Stoehr who was hit and killed crossing the street, outside a marked crosswalk. 

"She doesn't see very well and couldn't hear very well," her son Patrick Stoehr said. "I think she just got confused."
Stoehr said his mom recently gave up her car. But Doris, a former nurse, was still active and known for helping other residents at her senior living complex. 
"She was a very healthy little lady," friend Sharon Sierra said. "She was just sweet and nice as she could be." 
Last year, Doris and other senior residents asked the city to put a crosswalk on Decatur, between Vegas Dr. and Lake Mead Blvd. It's the exact spot she was killed. The nearest cross walk is at least a quarter mile in each direction, too far for most elderly people to walk. 
Las Vegas City Councilman, Ricki Barlow, said the city did a traffic study and approved the crosswalk request. 
"We were just three months shy of the crosswalk actually being installed," Barlow said. "It's just so unfortunate that the timing is off because unfortunately a life could have been saved." 
Although Doris Stoehr just died here, some still choose to j-walk. 
"You can't take that calculated risk because two feet are not faster than four wheels," Barlow said. The councilman said he'll talk to residents about possible dedicating the crosswalk to Doris. 
"I would like to see it called an angel crossing because she was an angel," Sierra said.
An angel, whose death may help save another life.  
"They need a crosswalk here now," her son said. 
According to police, this accident is the 5th traffic-related death in 2013.