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Doctors warn the worst of flu season is yet to come in Southern Nevada

Victoria Spilabotte

Doctors warn the worst of flu season is yet to come in Southern Nevada

CREATED Jan. 7, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Seven-month old Ruston screams for just a few seconds, but 1-2-3 and it's all done - he just got his flu shot. 

"The flu is not fun it's not something I want my kids to go through during the season," Ruston's mom, Julie Sasser, said. She's taking steps to make sure her kids stay healthy. It's something she learned at a young age. 
"That used to be part of our Thanksgiving tradition," Sasser said. "We eat Thanksgiving dinner and we all lined up for our flu shot."
Flu season is underway in Southern Nevada. At St. Rose Pediatrics, Kenneth Misch, M.D.,wants his patients to get vaccinated. He's already sent some children to the hospital. 
"People think of it as a disease of older people but it really hits children perhaps the hardest," Misch said.  
The fridge at the pediatrician's office is full of the influenza vaccine. Doctors started giving it out as early as September last year. 
While flu season isn't here in full force yet, we're not in the clear. 
"You never know in Nevada because sometimes the brunt of it doesn't hit until a little bit later," Misch said. "Probably because of our temperate climate."
Flu season typically lasts through the end of March with the worst cases hitting in mid February. 
"The biggest thing you hear from parents is 'I don't want to get the flu shot because it's going to give them the flu' and that's really nonsense," Misch said. "You don't get the flu from the vaccine."
Shortly after Ruston's shot, the baby is back to his bubbly self - smiling and laughing.  
Children from ages 6-months to 2-years and the elderly are at high risk for the virus. Health experts said this years vaccine seems effective.