Local photographer used young boy for child porn, police said

Victoria Spilabotte

Local photographer used young boy for child porn, police said

CREATED Jan. 4, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- At William Thompson's photography studio on the 3300 block of West Craig Road, there's no sign out front and the door is locked. Thompson is out of business after producing child porn there, according to Metro police.  

"I did see kids go in there with this gentleman," Candy Leroque, who works near the studio, said. "They were never forced in there or anything, but you know I didn't know what he was doing in there."
Thompson's only known victim is a boy under 14-years-old, but police said there could be more victims. The pornographic acts allegedly happened over several months when the boy's mom dropped her son off for modeling photos. 
"It's obvious that if anybody is doing modeling with a young juvenile there is no reason why a parent or guardian shouldn't be there," Lt. Dan McGrath said. 
The 52-year-old was arrested in November, but he's out on bail. Action News went to his home, where nobody answered the door. Police said he also took photos of the boy there. 
Thompson operates multiple websites with pictures of children modeling, but police don't know if any of the pornographic pictures were shared online. 
One website said Thompson has experience taking pictures of kids at local pageants and school dances, police are now going through all his files. 
"I have people dedicated right now going through computers," McGrath said. "There's a significant amount of date storage with the type of business he was in."
If you think your child was a victim of Thompson, call crime stoppers at 385-5555.