Life grows on: Tree vs. bicycle

Megan Telles

Life grows on: Tree vs. bicycle

CREATED Jan. 2, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Nearly 60 years after a small boy loses his father, his little secret grows out of a tree in Washington State.

In 1954, eight-year-old Don Puz, was given a bike by his generous community after the death of his dad. It was a free bike, but a cycle fit for a girl. Puz wasn't a fan. He decided to ditch the bike in a swamp, never expecting to see it again. And never expecting his mom to discover his secret.

Today, that lost bicycle has turned up, 5-feet above the ground, lodged in a tree trunk.  Nature wrapped around this piece of metal, turning one boys junk into a global show-stopper. The most interesting part: the front wheel sticks out just enough to keep on spinnin'.

60 years later, a tree has successfully eaten this bike [SOURCE: msnNow]

Lost Bicycle Swallowed by Wash. Tree [SOURCE: abcNEWS]