Millions of travelers heading to holiday destinations

Krista Hostetler

Millions of travelers heading to holiday destinations

CREATED Dec. 23, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Holiday travel is in full swing. The mad holiday dash continues for those trying to rush out the door.

Millions of Americans are traveling this holiday season, and many are hitting the road. Here in the Valley, that's no exception.

The good news: Gas is cheaper these days, averaging about $3.18 here in Las Vegas.

If you're traveling by car this holiday, AAA recommends things like keeping a phone charger in your vehicle, having an emergency kit complete with a flashlight, jump cables, first aid kit and water.

For those traveling by air, McCarran Airport officials said things are running smoothly Sunday.

The airport is moderately busy. People who spoke to Action News said their travels have been easy so far.

Weather here in the Valley should cooperate the next two days. But if you're traveling to the Midwest, you may see some delays. A big storm is expected there for Monday and Tuesday.