Dirty Dining: Great China

Dirty Dining: Great China

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Dec 21, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Things aren't so great at Great China restaurant, at least not according to health inspectors.

That's why Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears is back at a place that's a repeat Dirty Dining offender.

It says Great China on the wall, but Grand China on the door.

No matter the name, the place is still running afoul of health inspectors.

The restaurant on Ann Road near Tenaya was on Dirty Dining a little over a year ago. And though they're under new management, they're back with even more demerits.

Great China was one demerit shy of closure with a 40-demerit "C" grade.

Things were pretty black and white for inspectors.  Black and white mold, that is... and some green too.

Inspectors found a potpourri of moldy garlic, tomatoes, lettuce and melon.  All of it was in the walk-in fridge.

Sam Wong talked to us about what inspectors found.

Darcy Spears: Why would you have stuff in your walk-in that's all covered in mold?
Sam Wong: Uh, OK, it's in the back, maybe, you know, a little bit out of date or something like that.
Darcy: Stuff gets shoved in the back and that's why you didn't know you had moldy stuff in there?
Sam: No, we always check and if there's mold we throw them away.

The garlic, tomatoes, melon and lettuce only got thrown away after inspectors saw it.

There's something else inspectors found that wasn't pretty... slimy black mold that was inside a soda nozzle.

Darcy: When was the last time that was cleaned and why was there mold on that?
Sam: No, we do it once a week and he said better do it two, three times a week.

The can opener was soiled too. And a dirty bowl was stored as clean. Inspectors told them to try again.

Sam: Whatever he said, we just correct it, that's all.

We also asked him why they were using a paint brush for food prep?

Sam: Uh, we... never get attention on that one.  It's just a brush, a brand new brush and he said not a paint brush, it has to be food brush.  So we correct it.

Inspectors also wrote them up for a disabled fly fan.

Sam: Winter time we don't have any flies, so we turn it off.

Sam says it's back on now. As for other violations, inspectors found beef and chicken at unsafe temperatures.

And some raw food was being improperly thawed.  Chicken was sitting in a sink next to dirty dishes.

They also got written up for uncovered food. And when we checked the fridge, we found uncovered chicken, lettuce and chopped onions. And that's not all.

We told Sam about some brown spotting on the cauliflower and he waved us off.

We hope they dealt with it after we left.

Great China has been re-inspected and is back up to an "A" grade.

Darcy Spears

Darcy Spears

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Darcy Spears is currently the Chief Investigative Reporter for Action News.