Excalibur shooting victim may have relocated to avoid killer, uncle says

Katie Crowther

Excalibur shooting victim may have relocated to avoid killer, uncle says

CREATED Dec. 17, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- We're learning more about the woman murdered inside the Excalibur Hotel & Casino on Friday night.

Family and friends of Jessica Kenny gathered Monday night to honor her memory.

They describe the 30-year-old as fun-loving and kind.

They're left traumatized, unable to stop thinking about how scary her last moments must have been.

It was a chilling scene on the strip Friday. The Excalibur was surrounded by police and crime tape, after gunfire erupted inside the main lobby. Panic ensued.

Kenny, who worked as a Vegas.com concierge at the hotel, was the target of those shots. She died shortly after at University Medical Center.

Police say the shooter, Edward Brandt, then turned the gun on himself.

Kenny's family says Brandt was her ex-boyfriend from the Chicago area. They say she hadn't been in touch with him for more than two years.

"She got a text from him a few weeks ago," says Kenny's friend, Amber Cummings. "He let her know he was going to be in town. She told him she didn't want to see him, for good reason. But I don't know, something must have just snapped inside of him."

"I think she moved away from Chicago to get away from Eddie," says Kenny's uncle, Edward Vondran. "She realized after a short relationship with him, that he was just not right. Something was wrong with him, you know. She was such a good person, she wouldn't hurt a fly. This is going to be so hard to get over."

Police say the investigation into the murder-suicide is ongoing. Kenny's family says there's no real way to get justice in this case, but they do want to know where and how Brandt obtained the gun.