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Winter weather wreaks havoc on Valley roads

Victoria Spilabotte

Winter weather wreaks havoc on Valley roads

CREATED Dec. 13, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A steady rainfall and chill in the air; it's the Valley's first taste of wintry weather and drivers are stuck in the mix. 

"It's scary out there," Reiko Kawahara said. She was in an accident at the Spring Mountain off-ramp with a BMW that had front-end damage and flat tires. 
But minutes after Kawahara's accident our camera caught car after car sliding down the same off-ramp where she was hit. Even a bus took passengers for a real ride as it almost swerved out of control. 
"It's crazy even in these conditions everybody runs like it's regular weather," Kawahara said. "In Vegas not everybody knows how to drive in rain and cold weather. It's scary I guess."
Nevada Highway Patrol said many accidents happen because drivers are going way to fast. And around the valley, those accidents weren't hard to find. Lynda Romero got hit on the on-ramp at I-95 and Jones. The mother was shook up and wiped tears from her eyes. 
"It's scary I could have slammed into the wall," Romero said. "Other things could have happened, it could have been a chain reaction other people could have got hit."
Romero's family is ok, but she has a message to drivers. 
"Slow down," Romero said. "I know people have families and jobs but it's not worth it. It's not worth a life."