County Commission to consider changing coroner's inquest process

Spencer Lubitz

County Commission to consider changing coroner's inquest process

CREATED Dec. 3, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Several community groups plan to attend Tuesday’s county commission meeting in hopes of resurrecting the coroner's inquest process with one major change.

County commissioners will begin discussing the possibility of adding a public ombudsman, someone to ask questions on behalf of the families of the deceased.   Those asking for the change say it's the best way to keep the process open and transparent.

“There is no accountability, there is no transparency, because it’s just the DA and the Sheriff who are controlling all the information that comes out,” said Allen Lichtenstein of the ACLU of Southern Nevada.

“All we need a county commission to do is a simple housekeeping measure to fix the process,” said attorney Maggie McLetchie.  “Instead, I'm afraid that back room dealing may allow the coroner's inquest process to be destroyed.”

The ACLU said the process shouldn't be put on hold just because the Las Vegas Police Protective Association refuses to participate. 

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said they have no comment on this issue.

Tuesday's meeting will simply be the first discussion; any action would happen at a later meeting.