Young girl starts petition to promote gender-neutral toys

Krista Hostetler

Young girl starts petition to promote gender-neutral toys

CREATED Dec. 1, 2012

Some toys are under attack this holiday season. Not for the usual reason, which is often safety. This time it's about marketing, and the idea of girls toys versus boys toys.

One young girl is leading that fight, all because she wants to give her brother an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas.

4-year-old Gavin Pope says he wants to be a chef when he grows up.

"He's just obsessed with cooking. Whenever I'm in the kitchen he always wants to be involved," said his mother Erica.

But Hasbro only makes the Easy Bake Oven in pink and purple, and the ads and packaging don't show a single boy.

So Gavin's 13-year-old sister McKenna took the matter into her own hands and began a petition on calling on Hasbro to alter its packaging and color options.

"He should know that it's okay for him to go against societal norms and gender roles," said McKenna.

Some experts believe she's on to something. "In order for children to not face limitations in their occupational choices, we need to present them with gender neutral toys," said Dr. Jeff Gardere, child psychologist.

In the meanwhile, big sister McKenna is hoping for change in the future.

Information from ABC News.