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HopeLink needs help after recent break in

Tina Patel

HopeLink needs help after recent break in

CREATED Nov. 28, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The HopeLink offices in Henderson are filled with boxes of toys and blankets to be given to low-income families over the next few weeks.

"We've got Christmas covered, which is a good thing for us," says executive director Karen Kyger. "We've got all the gifts for all the families we know we're going to be servicing."

But the non-profit agency doesn't know what it's going to do in the new year. Last week, someone broke into their offices and stole $10,000 worth of gift cards.

"When we're closing the calendar year, we turn a lot of the money we have left over into gift cards. Because then we're able to go purchase things like beds, coats, shoes."

Kyger says if the people who commit ed this crime came to their offices, they would have helped them out. Now they're going to have trouble helping anyone.

"We typically don't reach out the whole community, knowing so many agencies have need. But this time, I think our need is critical."

The Henderson constable's office donated $1,000 after hearing about the break in. Kyger is hoping others in the community will follow suit.

"We will somehow get it. I believe we're able to provide, I have hope."

If you'd like to help HopeLink, you can call 702-566-0576, or go to