Neighbors say vacant home has become a party house

Loni Blandford

Neighbors say vacant home has become a party house

CREATED Nov. 27, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Neighbors say an abandoned home in one East Las Vegas community has become a party house. While they have seen workers occasionally at home, they say no one is looking at the bigger problem there. So who is going to clean up this eyesore next door?

"There's beer cans, there's graffiti, we found used condoms," explained Marissa Smith.

"It's been times where I had to literally chase people out of this vacant house," said Jason Smith.

Marissa and Jason Smith say they've been babysitting the house next door for the past three years. They're not the only ones who know no one lives in the home near Charleston and Nellis Boulevards.

"These kids know the doors, the windows, they know how to get in. I don't know how, but they know,"  said Marissa.

There is no gate to the backyard, making it the perfect shortcut.

Though the lawn in front doesn't look so good, neighbors says it's the palm trees in back that are causing problems. You can tell by the beards of dead palm fronds they're wearing that they haven't been cut for quite some time and the strong winds recently sent part of one tree flying.

"It came down on my gazebo and broke everything," said Jason.

The mess remains and the Smith's have tried to call attention to the problems here. Marissa tried the number on the notice posted on the garage door.

"I had like six numbers before I finally got through to the right people and even then we're still getting the run around," said Marissa.

They've called the City of Las Vegas and Las Vegas police to report on the kids who trespass there. Bu,t Marissa says, by the time officers get to the house, the kids are gone. Getting nowhere, their next avenue was Action News.

"It gets to the point that these properties are unmaintained for so long and who is going to foot the bill," asked Jason.

Action News learned the house is still in the homeowner's name, even though it's been empty for years. Through our investigation, we found Bank of America was servicing the home loan and management company Safeguard Properties maintained the house for awhile. A notice on the door shows an inspector came out Sept. 29, almost two months ago.

Bank of America says as of Oct.1, Ocwen took over servicing the property. We called Ocwen and they say they're going to check on the house.The Smith family says they can only hope someone realizes maintaining a property is more than just cutting a dead lawn and signing a notice on the door.

"I'm a father. I don't want people doing drugs next store drinking and partying and acting crazy," said Jason.

A city spokesman says there was a code enforcement case on that house in late October for dead vegetation. They say Bank of America cleaned up the violations. But as a result of our inquiry, the city is going to send a code enforcement officer to check it out again soon.

We are going to keep you posted on if those palm trees and the rest of the property gets cleaned up. We learned about this home because Marissa emailed us. So if you have an eyesore you're sick of looking at, send an email to