State senator appeals to owner of horses in backyard

State senator appeals to owner of horses in backyard

By Rikki Cheese. CREATED Nov 19, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A state senator is demanding justice for two horses trapped in a backyard. It's a story viewers asked Action News to investigate.

On Monday, Action News received new pictures of the horses, taken by a neighbor who is alarmed by their deteriorating condition.

One horse is so weak and emaciated, it can't stand up anymore.

Animal advocate and state senator Mark Manendo, went along with Action News on Monday night to make a personal appeal to the owner Tonia Thompson. She's been cited three times by animal control.

Manendo said, "The community is so outraged, and obviously we have neighbors saying, listen we can see that the animals are being neglected. You don't put two horses in a backyard and think that that's proper. Something's wrong here. So why it's taken so long, I don't know."

The man who answered the door told Manendo that Thompson plans to "get rid" of the horses on Tuesday. The City of Las Vegas has given her a deadline of next Monday to remove the horses or the city will get a court order to force her to do so. There's no word yet on whether she has accepted a rescue group's offer to temporarily board the horses for free.

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Rikki Cheese

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