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Accident involving elderly couple raises pedestrian safety concerns

Victoria Spilabotte

Accident involving elderly couple raises pedestrian safety concerns

CREATED Nov. 17, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Cars whizzing past rattle the caution tape used to block off an accident scene, near the intersection of Bridger Avenue and 13th Street, where an elderly couple was hit.

"That's sad because that's telling me people aren't paying attention to what they are doing," area resident Barbara Pratt said.

According to police, the driver didn't see the couple in time to stop his car, but speed didn't play a part in the accident. The impact sent debris flying and it was enough force to kill the elderly woman, the man is still recovering.

Police said the accident happened when the couple got off the bus and crossed the street outside the marked crosswalk. Friends of the couple said the man is a dialysis patient and he may have been too weak to take those few extra steps.

The crosswalk is about 30 steps from the bus stop, still the accident raises concerns about pedestrian safety. Resident said cars go fast in an area where the crosswalks are faded and the street signs are dimly lit. Action News noticed that there are no street lights on the block where the couple was hit.

"I think that there is a lot of darkness out here and one of the things I noticed is that the cross walks don't have lights," Toby Joeckel, the pastor at a nearby church said. "If people where dark clothing it's hard to see them at night."

Joeckel said there are a lot of pedestrians in the neighborhood. There's a senior apartment complex, where friends said the couple lives, the church and two schools all within walking distance. Residents want drivers to be more aware.

"I feel drivers need to be educated and pedestrians need to be careful, but drivers need to be more careful too," Pratt said.