Republic Services turns trash to power

Beth Fisher

Republic Services turns trash to power

CREATED Nov. 14, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Republic Services is turning your trash to power and making Las Vegas a better place to live.

Elizabeth Windhorst is a busy mother. She home-schools her two oldest kids, chases busy number three, and frequently has her arms full with number four.

She says, "They keep me super busy. I love being with them."

Like most moms, Elizabeth hopes her kids will enjoy a green earth as they grow. Which is part of the reason she was interested to hear that her trash is being turned in to power at the Apex landfill.

General manager of the landfill, Mark Clinkern showed Action News around the landfill which is covered with wells -- more than 100 of them -- sucking methane gas from the buried trash.  They sell it to a company called Energenic and they turn it in to energy for Nevada Power. 

Clinker says, "With the present cubic foot we're pulling off the landfill, we're making the energy usage for eight to nine thousand homes."

It's not new technology but Republic Services needed to wait until our landfill produced enough gas to make the multi-million dollar investment. They've been harvesting the gas for about nine months now.

"If we can continue to take those things that don't have any end use, no value, food waste, continue to make energy, we can reduce the usage of the landfill. This is a small part of making Las Vegas a better place to live."

A small part moms like Elizabeth are appreciative. "Absolutely. I think it's all our responsibilities to be good stewards of the environment.

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