Residents want changes at crosswalk where woman was struck

Molly Waldron

Residents want changes at crosswalk where woman was struck

CREATED Nov. 9, 2012

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- One day after a pedestrian was critically injured using a crosswalk at Anthem Parkway and Somersworth Drive, nearby residents are voicing concerns about the intersection.

"Why don't we have a signal here?" aks Phil Brown, who lives nearby. "There has to be something done about these unsafe intersections and this is one of them."
Brown said he's been concerned for years about dangers on Anthem Parkway.
Several nearby residents told Action News cars fly by on that street at high speeds.
But that wasn't a factor in the crash on Thursday night, according to a spokesperson for the Henderson Police Department. 
The driver in that crash has not been charged. That could change, depending on the outcome of a full investigation.
Family identified the victim as 50-year-old Mary Lynn Trotta. They said she remained in critical condition Friday, with several broken bones and possible internal bleeding.
Residents who live by the intersection say they'd like the City of Henderson to put up a traffic light.
A traffic study would likely have to occur before the city could install a signal.