One final push for the Latino vote

Marco Villarreal

One final push for the Latino vote

CREATED Nov. 6, 2012

Clark County, NV (KTNV) -- Four years ago the Latino vote played a crucial role in propelling Barack Obama to the presidency, but this time around Mitt Romney has made an effort to pull some votes away from the incumbent.

The Latino vote is an appetizing one that has put many politicians in office, and they acknowledge that including former President George W. Bush, President Obama 4 years ago, and even Senator Reid has said he won because of the Latino community.

The power of that vote is now being realized by Nevada Latinos. Early this morning workers for Mi Familia Vota, a non partisan group, hit the streets to remind registered Latinos to vote.

Back at the office they started early; about 6:30 in the morning, making calls, and answering questions for voters on where to go and to which precinct they belong. With such a huge push for the Latino vote many in our community are coming out for the first time to cast their ballot. Unlike previous years they tell me they feel empowered this election.

"The politicians, both sides, have really wanted the Latino vote," asked Action News reporter Marco Villarreal.

"They got to get it. They understand we aren't a minority anymore, you know? We're a force to be reckoned with in the country, and that's why we need to get out and do our part to vote, because if we don't try and affect change we can't really complain about it if it doesn't work out for us," says Joshua Doran, a first time voter.

Many Latino voters predict President Obama will win Nevada, and say it will be because of the Latino vote. Something that will have to be seen once the election day numbers come out in the future.