Neighbors plan protest against local chimpanzee owner

Molly Waldron

Neighbors plan protest against local chimpanzee owner

CREATED Oct. 25, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Neighbors are planning a protest Friday afternoon in an area where three chimpanzees are living.

Residents want to alert others of a potentially dangerous problem.

The protest is planned for noon at the corner of West Robindale and Decatur. Neighbors hope to alert others of the three chimps living in the area.

The chimps are housed on Mike Casey's property on the 4800 block of West Robindale.

Casey operates a company called 'The Great Ape Experience' which rents chimps out for events.

County Commissioner Steve Sisolak said Casey doesn't have a permit to have chimps at the home, and neighbors say this is an accident waiting to happen. If the chimps get loose, it could turn into a situation like CJ and Buddy, the two chimps that escaped their enclosure and ran through the streets.

"There is no business license registered to this address or for this function, and some of the neighbors have brought it to our attention," Sisolak said. "Apparently, what they've done is take the RV and moved it inside the fence area, and the chimps have cages in the RV and they live in there."

Residents say they plan to walk the neighborhood today, handing out flyers warning neighbors of the chimps that live there.