Local tea company helps employ people with disabilities

Beth Fisher

Local tea company helps employ people with disabilities

CREATED Oct. 22, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The tea you buy could help employ people with disabilities. 

Sherri and Larry Nowak love fine tea.  When Larry lost his job, they decided to pursue their love.

Larry says, "Herbata is the polish word for tea.  So the name of our company is the tea tea company, if you will."

The couple searched for affordable tea with the same quality and flavor of the highest end brands.  Their goal?  Make it affordable to consumers.  And that meant getting creative. 

Herbata contracted with Opportunity Village to do all of its packaging.  The agency finds jobs for people with disabilities, trains them to do those jobs well, and helps them live more meaningful, independent lives.

Laura D'Amore is the director of sales for Opportunity Village. She says, "They get a chance to work with their peers... their friends. They are sitting next to their friends earning a paycheck. Our individuals hate weekends. They want to be here Monday through Friday."

The Nowaks support the mission. 

Sherri Nowak says, "I love Opportunity Village.  They are the most amazing people you'll ever meet.  It's the second best place on earth.  First is my church."But they say doing business with Opportunity Village makes fiscal sense too."

Larry says, "One stop shopping. That's what we like.  It makes it easy and simple. And the cost. It's a no brainer for small businesses."