Clark County election officials prepare for early voting

Marco Villarreal

Clark County election officials prepare for early voting

CREATED Oct. 19, 2012

Clark County, NV (KTNV) -- Early voting gets underway Saturday at polling locations around Clark County. The number of people casting early ballots has become more popular in recent years assuming you know you're 100% absolutely positively for certain you won't change your mind.


Things are busy at the Clark County election headquarters, and this year officials are hoping to break records when it comes to registrations and the number of people voting. Most importantly though, they want no problems at the polling sites.

It's all able bodied folks working hard to load up the trucks with what will become 88 early voting sites open at various times and locations across the valley.

"This is the way it always looks before a big election. And a big election meaning an even year, November election," says Larry Lomax, Clark County Registrar of Voters.

Walking through the warehouse where preparations are underway, it's easy to see the monumental task that is getting ready for early voting and election day.

"I think we're always well prepared. We put a lot of time and effort to make sure we do things right here in Clark County. We haven't had any of those problems in the past. I don't anticipate any tomorrow," says Lomax.

Impressive, seeing as for the first time ever the county has more than a million registered voters. In 2008 close to 390,000 people voted early. They're hoping to break 400,000 this year.

"We saw a significant increase in registrations because I think we have on-line registrations now. Over 50,000 people took advantage and I think that was a big convenience for them and a big help for us," says Lomax.

What will make things go quicker, not only for yourself, but those waiting in line behind you, is to do your homework and then put your decisions on the official sample ballot that was sent put in the mail to all registered Clark County voters.

Because this is an election that has so many people emotional about their candidates the county warns people to behave.

"It can cause for some uncomfortable environments out there sometimes, but we hope everybody understands, give everybody a chance to vote, and we don't want any campaigning within a hundred feet of where we're doing the voting," says Lomax.

Some things you should know before heading to the voting sites, bring a photo I.D. You probably won't get asked for one, but have it just in case. You won't be allowed to ask any questions to poll workers, that's why it's important to understand everything in you sample ballot before voting.

If you have other questions, there will be people available at the election offices starting Saturday. The number is (702) 455-VOTE or visit their website by CLICKING HERE.