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City View Park still plagued with litter and vandalism

Molly Waldron

City View Park still plagued with litter and vandalism

CREATED Oct. 15, 2012

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- City View Park lives up to its name, offering some of the best views in the Valley. But over the past couple of years, the North Las Vegas park has become home to litter and vandalism.

Despite several efforts to get the park cleaned, Action News is still getting calls about the graffiti and trash piling up.

"This is the most perfect spot in the city," park visitor Charles Broadnax said. "I call it my private oasis."

But his oasis isn't always sparkling. When Action News last visited the park in June, the playground was covered in graffiti, with trash and a half-sunken park bench floating in the pond. After a group of volunteers cleaned it up, the pond has remained clear and the playground is still graffiti-free, but that's about the only place in the last few months that hasn't been tagged.

Just weeks after cleanup crews came and repainted a wall at the park, it was covered with graffiti again. 

Not even the treets at City View Park are safe. Some have been marked up with paint.

Broadnax said he's witnessed groups of young adults vandalizing the park.

"They had their cases of beer, their bags of paint, and this is what you see," Broadnax said.

Action News found cans of spray paint, baggies commonly used for drugs, dozens of empty beer bottles and even condoms littering the park.

"They're having sex under the trees," Broadnax said. "You find used condoms everywhere."

But perhaps the strangest thing of all are the remnants of mutilated chickens at the park.

Action News contacted the city of North Las Vegas who said park maintenance staff was aware of the situation and plans to have the park completely clean by Tuesday.

The city claims the park gets cleaned on a weekly basis, adding that it's not unusual to see some additional messiness at any given park on a Monday, since the parks get the most use on the weekends.