Sheriff's video released addressing Stanley Gibson case

Molly Waldron

Sheriff's video released addressing Stanley Gibson case

CREATED Oct. 12, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The case surrounding the death of a Gulf War veteran killed in a police standoff almost 10 months ago is going before a grand jury, and Sheriff Doug Gillespie isn't happy about it.

Friday, the Sheriff released a video that had been shared with his officers. 

In the video, Sheriff Gillespie addresses the case and District Attorney Steve Wolfson's decision to move forward with a possible indictment of the officer who pulled the trigger.

Gibson was shot seven times by police in December 2011.

His wife claims he was suffering post-traumatic stress disorder and was off his medication.

The Sheriff said he doesn't believe his officers acted in a criminal manner the night of the shooting, but that Stanley Gibson's death was a tragedy that should never have happened.