Six kittens killed in horrific animal abuse case

Six kittens killed in horrific animal abuse case

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Oct 11, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Two newborn kittens cuddled together and clung to life Wednesday, but sadly they lost their hard-fought battle.

"It's very difficult when they are that young to get them to survive," veterinarian Lisa Mauro said.

Both kittens were suffering from a brutal attack, the white kitten died first.

Mauro and her staff at Haven Animal Hospital tried to save the other baby with a nursing mother's milk, but it was too late.

"We brought him to a home last night where he tried to nurse," Mauro said. "But he was unfortunately very weak and he passed away too."

Mauro said animal control took the injured kittens to her clinic after an officer told her teenagers at an apartment complex reportedly threw rocks at them.

Out of a litter of six kittens, none survived. Animal Control and Metro are investigating a case of animal abuse at the Chapel Hills apartment complex on Russell.

"This is becoming an epidemic here in our city," animal activist Stacia Newman said.  

Under state law an abuser can face stiff penalties.

 "If they are charged with animal cruelty it is a category D felony and that means one to four years in prison and up to $5000 in fines," Newman said.

Looking to protect the mother cat, Newman went to the apartment complex to trap her.

Mauro said she's likely depressed over the loss of her kittens and that grief is also felt among the staff at Haven Animal Hospital.

"It's very sad here this morning," Mauro said. "We are still feeling it a little bit, those things don't leave your head."

"The community needs to come forward and say I saw this, this is what happened, I want these people to pay for this," Mauro said.


Victoria Spilabotte

Victoria Spilabotte

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