New way of picking up students from school has parents upset

Molly Waldron

New way of picking up students from school has parents upset

CREATED Oct. 3, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Parents are frustrated about the new rules at a local elementary school. They say the new pickup system to keep their kids safe isn't working.

It was a little chaotic Wednesday afternoon when students were let out of Hal Smith Elementary.

That's because last week, the school implemented a new dismissal program called 'Kiss and Go.' Parents stay in their cars and students are let out one by one. 

The new principal of the school says they're trying to avoid the traffic issues of previous years.

"There was a problem with parents parking in no-parking, and there was a problem in the parking lot with double parking," Principal Shannon Williamson said. 

Duke Mackey, a grandfather of one of the students, says there were also issues on Desert Inn.

"Yes, there was a lot of jaywalking," Mackey said. "We're trying to get a crosswalk built here. That would help 100 percent." 

The school has asked the county about that possibility, but they say a crosswalk wouldn't be safe in this area. So Safe Routes to Schools and the Clark County School District Police Dept. came up with the 'Kiss and Go' plan.

They say every day, it's getting better and the line moves quicker. But some parents still aren't sure this is the best way to get their kids.

"If you want to get here and get your kids early, you have to get here an hour and a half early and wait in your cars. Which is to me, ridiculous," one parent said.

At the end of the month, the school will be sending a survey to parents and staff to find out if changes need to be made to improve student safety.