Supporters react to President Obama's speech

Victoria Spilabotte

Supporters react to President Obama's speech

CREATED Sep. 30, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- "This is why I like coming to Las Vegas," President Obama said. "Good weather and good people."

With those remarks, President Obama kicked off his campaign rally at Desert Pines High School on Sunday night. More than 11,000 people turned out to hear him speak. The campaign said the rally is the largest in Nevada so far this election.

University of Nevada Las Vegas sophomore, Chasstiny Vasquez, helped introduce Obama to the crowd.

"I met him and he gave me a hug and he told me thank you so much for being here,"  Vasquez said "He wished me luck going up there, very humble person."

Vasquez said it's that humbleness that resonates with voters. The President spoke about his plan to create jobs and grow the middle class.

"We got a lot more work to do here in Nevada and all across the country to make the middle class secure again," the President said.  

"I see that he doesn't want to cut funds for education he is trying to make it easier for college students to go," Vasquez said.  

Voters are pushing Obama's message as the November election gets closer. His popularity among Latinos got a boost from popular Mexican band Mana, which performed at Sunday's rally.

"Hispanics are a very key factor to the election," supporter Abraham Camejo said. "Having the President in our neighborhood is a great privilege."

This the President's eighth visit to the state so far this year.

"If you stand with me and work with me, we will win Clark County again," the Presidents said "We'll win Nevada again."