Clark County School District employee sues her bosses

Rikki Cheese

Clark County School District employee sues her bosses

CREATED Sep. 25, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A Clark County School District employee is suing her bosses for $600,000.

Elena Rodriguez-Malfavon claims she's been discriminated against because she is Cuban-American. She also claims her first amendment rights have been violated, and she's been retaliated against for speaking out about surveillance cameras in a local high school.

Her lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court names her principal, Anita Wilbur; Wilbur's former boss, Associate Superintendent Edward Goldman, and the Clark County School District.

Rodriguez-Malfavon claims Wilbur used surveillance cameras to secretly record employees, students and parents at the Academy for Individualized Studies, an alternative campus for teens and adults.

A CCSD spokeswoman says the cameras were for safety, not for spying.

Rodriguez-Malfavon says, "I was demoted to a support staff position and I lost about 54 percent of my salary, because of it. Because, you know, I was doing the right thing." 

Spokeswoman Amanda Fulkerson says, "We are aware of the employee in question and the accusations. They have been thoroughly investigated and we found no wrong-doing on behalf of CCSD."

Rodriguez-Malfavon is a 22-year school district employee. There's no word yet on when her lawsuit will actually get to court.