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Arrest report reveals teachers and student had threesome

Joyce Lupiani

Arrest report reveals teachers and student had threesome

CREATED Sep. 12, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- New details are available about the case against two Clark County School District teachers that have been arrested for having sex with a 16-year-old student.

The arrest report says that the pair allegedly had a threesome with the teenager during Christmas break in 2011.

Bambi Dewey is an English teacher at Brown Junior High and John Stalmach is a physical education teacher at Dailey Elementary School.

Dewey and Stalmach were both teaching at Brown Junior High and living together when the relationship developed between the teachers and the student.

The student met the pair when she was a seventh grade student at the school in 2007. The student would spend time at the couples' house and would babysit Dewey's children.

The student would sometimes be accompanied to the teachers' home by one of her friends.

The relationship allegedly turned sexual late last year. The teenager was spending the night with the couple during Christmas break when they began drinking Crown whiskey and "chasing it" with juice.

The three of them ended up in the bedroom and had sexual relationships.

The report also says that the student had sex with Stalmach alone in January and that the student admitted to detectives that she had smoke marijuana with the couple on several occasions.

The relationship between the teachers and students came to light after Dewey's sister became concerned about what was happening between the teachers and the student and her friend.

The sister contacted Dewey's ex-husband, Steve Bacca. The ex-husband contacted police about the possible sexual relationship between the teachers, the student and her friend.

Detectives interviewed Dewey and Stalmach at their schools on Monday.

Dewey has denied having any sort of sexual relationship with the student. She says that the only thing she tried to do was to provide them with a "stable environment."

Dewey also denies that she ever smoke marijuana or provided alcohol to the young girl.

She says that the allegations are lies and that it was "disturbing" to her because of all the good things she had done for them.

Dewey was arrested at the end of the interview and booked into the Henderson Detention Center.

Stalmach also initially denied any type of sexual activities with the teenager and claimed that his relationship with her was more of a "mentoring" type of relationship.

Upon further questioning, the report says that Stalmach finally admitted to the threesome and to having sex with the girl again at a later date.

Stalmach was also arrested at the end of the interview.

Detectives also learned that this is not the first time that Stalmach has been accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Stalmach was placed on leave in October of 2009 for inappropriate contact with a female freshman student while employed at Basic High School. Stalmach was allegedly texting the student and sending pornographic pictures.

However, the investigation into the incident did not produce evidence of a crime and in May 2010, Stalmach was issued a 20-day suspension and transferred to another school.

The teachers have not been fired but they are not currently teaching.

Dewey and Stalmach posted bail late Monday night. They are scheduled to appear in court on felony charges in October.