Flood damage leaves valley residents devastated

Flood damage leaves valley residents devastated

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Sep 12, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV ) -- Many valley residents are cleaning up after Tuesday's major rain storm. Flooding caused widespread devastation.

Families who live on Walton Heath Avenue, near Vegas Valley and Cabana, experienced some of the worst flood damage.

"When I came home and realized I couldn't drive down my street because it was underwater, my stomach dropped," says William DeFalco. "I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know how we're going to clean all this up, and carry on with our lives."

DeFalco's home is ruined. Trails of mud on the tile and drenched carpet throughout the house, show just how far the flood water reached.

"I have no gas or electricity on one side of the kitchen," he says. "Everything in my garage is destroyed. My washer and dryer are ruined."

Like most of his neighbors, DeFalco has no flood insurance. With so much damage, they're waiting for any help they can get.

"I never thought in my life, I would see or be in a flood," says Lesley Avila.

The Action News Hawk captured this video of Avila and her mother, walking through the deep flood water. They braved the water to help an elderly neighbor.

"Once we got to her house, there was three feet of water inside," she says. "It was crazy. There were cars submerged. The water was up to my chest. It was like Hurricane Katrina in Las Vegas."

The home video she took shows just how fast the flood water was moving.

As of 11 p.m. Tuesday, the Clark County Fire Department was going door to door, advising residents of 45 homes in the area to evacuate. Rescue crews are concerned about the possibility of electrical fires due to the flood damage.