School bus chaos angers parents in Clark County

Rikki Cheese

School bus chaos angers parents in Clark County

CREATED Aug. 27, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Transportation chaos on the first day of school frustrated many parents and their kids. Several Clark County School District buses ran late and students were confused.

The first day of school at Twitchell Elementary in Henderson was a nightmare for first-grader Emily Corwin, her grandpa and her parents.

Emily said she was not looking forward to riding the bus to school on Tuesday because, "I'm afraid that that incident will happen again."

Her grandfather Phillip Pusty explained, "It was almost two hours before we knew where all our kids were, with no explanation from the school what was going on."

Emily's Mom, Sophia Corwin, said the first day of school was handled poorly. She said "I don't ever remember it being this much of a fiasco."

Seven-year old Emily said the problem began when buses left Twitchell an hour late because students had trouble finding their buses.

Later, parents couldn't find their kids.

A crowd of parents waited at a school bus stop on Arroyo Grande near Buena Adventura for a bus that turned out to be two hours late; and it wasn't the bus they signed their kids up for.

Worse, said Phillip Pusty, when he tried to call Twitchell to find his granddaughter, the school was closed. And when he called the number on CCSD's website provided for transportation information, all he got was a busy signal.

"And that's what's scary about tomorrow", said Pusty. "We still don't know what's going to go on tomorrow because, not only was she late coming home, they were late being picked up in the morning over half an hour."
Sophia Corwin said, "I think communication is a big problem. There is none, and I think that would have been a big thing if they would at least admit there's a problem."

A school district spokesman told Action News that CCSD is aware of the problem and is working diligently to get every child to and from school safely.