Sword-wielding robber was former teacher, Clark County employee

Katie Crowther

Sword-wielding robber was former teacher, Clark County employee

CREATED Aug. 20, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- There's new information on the bizarre robbery attempt at a Dairy Queen, near Maryland Parkway and Sahara Avenue.

Police say a masked man walked in with a sword Sunday afternoon. Moments later, he was shot and killed by an employee. He's been identified by the coroner's office as Bongkuk Pak, age 36.

Action News was able to speak with some of Pak's family. They say he grew up in the valley and was a graduate of Las Vegas High School, where he played football.

His family confirms he used to be an an Elections Program Supervisor for Clark County and a political science teacher at the College of Southern Nevada.

Records show he stopped working at both places shortly after he started getting in trouble with the law. His rap sheet dates back to 2010, when he was arrested on drug charges,and domestic battery.
Las Vegas police say that  on Sunday, Pak wasn't operating alone when he attempted to rob the Dairy Queen. Carol Mateo, 47, is behind bars for helping him.

Eric Cordova works at the Domino's Pizza nearby. He says Mateo first came in to scope out the pizza place as a potential target.

"She walked in here and never made eye contact," he says. "You could tell there was something a little bit off. When I asked he if I could help her with something, she said she was just looking. Then she walked out. Five minutes later, I saw her getting arrested outside the Dairy Queen."

The family who owns the Dairy Queen shares a similar story. They say Carol Mateo came in to their store alone and was wandering around looking at some of the ice cream cakes. Right after she walked out, Pac came in with his face covered, armed with a sword.

The owner says an employee shot in self defense. He says Pak was waving the sword violently and hitting things.