Customers perplexed by air conditioning rebate program

Marco Villarreal

Customers perplexed by air conditioning rebate program

CREATED Aug. 17, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- With triple-digit temperatures and AC on full blast, many homeowners are looking for ways to save on their power bills without breaking a sweat.

A local woman says a company tried to sell her on a program that would keep her house cooler and put money in her pocket. But several months after the fact she has yet to see the cash.

Hoping to alleviate the costs of energy bills that seem to go up when the temperature does, the Beltran family say they were happy to get a knock on their door from a local air conditioning company.

"They're performing a routine inspection on the air ducts and you'll qualify for a rebate if everything goes well. And that they'll try to lower the leakage of air to save you power," says Alfredo Beltran.

The way they understood things, the Beltran's would get a rebate from NV Energy. The repair men tinkered with their AC unit, ran tests through their vents, and left. The certificate was the only thing they ever saw from the company.

NV Energy confirms with Action News that the rebate program does exist. It's called the CheckMe! Plus AC program and allows for instant rebates for early AC replacement, current unit tune ups and duct sealing. Services that should make customers cooling systems run more efficiently and economical. But they clarify the rebates are deducted from the contractor's invoice. Meaning the customer will never see them, but it does mean the price of the service is offset or many times free.

It's important to note that not all AC companies can do this. They have to be signed up with NV Energy and go through a training course. NV Energy has a whole section on their site that lists the companies approved for the program.

To find that info just click here. NV Energy says more rebates will be available starting in September.