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Las Vegas police remove video that calls murder suspect an "animal"

Victoria Spilabotte

Las Vegas police remove video that calls murder suspect an "animal"

CREATED Aug. 16, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Handcuffed and in a wheel chair, Nathan Burkett is set to stand trial in two cold case murders. But Burkett's attorney Alzora Jackson say that Las Vegas police tarnished his character with a YouTube video.

"At this point he's an animal," the officer in the video said. "He would pick his victims and it appears he would act on these victims ultimately to their demise."

Police posted the video after Burkett was arrested earlier this month in Mississippi.

"These women were strangled and their bodies were dumped," the video explains. 

With more than 2,000 views online, Jackson said her client won't get a fair trial. She asked the court to restrict media reports about the case.

"I have to have the ability at some point to give Mr. Burkett a fair trial," Jackson said. "If this continues, where are we going to get an impartial jury."

Justice of the Peace Eric Goodman fired back.

"I'm not inclined to limit the press in any way whatsoever in this case or any other case," Goodman said. "That's not what we do in this country."

Defense attorney Al Lasso, who is not affiliated with the case, said he understands Jackson's concern.

"To come out and say that he is a monster is clearly a derogatory term that contaminates a jury pool before they even get into court," Lasso said. 

That doesn't mean Jackson will get what she wants.  

"It's extremely rare a judge will grant a gag order on the media and this particular judge is media friendly," Lasso said. "He believes in an open court room."

Goodman said he would review the motion for media restriction and allow police a chance to respond. Meantime Las Vegas police have removed the YouTube video.

Another court hearing is scheduled for Friday morning.