Websites help parents find back-to-school deals

Joyce Lupiani

Websites help parents find back-to-school deals

CREATED Aug. 2, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The average parent with kids in grades K through 12 are on track to spend more than $688 on back-to-school clothes and supplies this year.

The start of the school year is less than a month away and some shopping experts say it is a good idea to hit the Internet now, instead of going store to store, to find the best deals.

The website puts weekly online coupon codes from retail websites all in once place for easy access.

Also, check out and

Those sites allow you to compare prices and set up price alerts so that you will get an email if a product that you like drops in price,.

Experts also suggest buying basic school supplies in bulk to use year-round.

Retailers will generally deeply discount certain products during the back-to-school season. Things like notebooks, folders and pens.

The bulk of back-to-school money will be spent on clothing -- about $246. Parents will then spend an average of $217 on electronics, $129 on shoes and $95 on other supplies.