Number of single fathers increasing

Joyce Lupiani

Number of single fathers increasing

CREATED Jul. 20, 2012

(KTNV) -- We know there are single women out there who didn't want to wait for a man to have a baby. It turns out some single men are starting to do the same thing.

It is still rare. But, there are some men who want a family and don't think being single should stop them.

It goes against the stereotype and the ads -- that dads are helpless at changing diapers and don't want to be left alone with a baby.

57-year-old Steven Harris said he always imagined having a family. When he realized how hard it was to find a wife, he used a donor egg from woman and hired another to be his surrogate.

Brian Tessier went a different route -- he adopted two boys. He knows that he is not alone. He started "411-4-Dad" -- a how-to hotline for other single dads.

Tessier says the number of callers has more than tripled since he started the hotline.