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Friends rush to save family involved in deadly I-15 crash

Katie Crowther

Friends rush to save family involved in deadly I-15 crash

CREATED Jul. 19, 2012

Overton, NV (KTNV) -- Action News is finding out more about the mother and son, killed in the deadly rollover accident Wednesday on Interstate 15.

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, the truck experienced a tire blowout, crossed the center median, and crashed near the town of Apex.

There was a family of five inside that truck. They were taking a road trip to deliver a trailer for a friend.

In an unbelievable coincidence, it was other friends of that family who drove by right after the accident happened and tried to save them.

"I don't know, maybe we were supposed to be there when we were," says Carrie Beckstrand.

Carrie and her husband Scott were on their way to Las Vegas when they drove by a horrible accident on the I-15. As members of the Logandale Volunteer Fire Department, the couple immediately stopped to see if they could help. Emergency crews had not arrived on scene yet.

Little did they know that the people they were stopping to help were friends.

"My husband looked in the driver's seat and realized it was Cody Fox," Carrie describes. "Cody and his wife are volunteers with us at Station 74 in Overton. We also go to the same church. We know them well."

Cody, his wife Dani, and their three young sons, were badly injured.

Carrie immediately began helping the youngest boy, Zack.

"I was trying to get Zack to breathe," she says. "I wanted him to respond. I wanted it to be a better outcome than it was."

The 3-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. So was his mother Dani.

Cody and the other two boys -- both under the age of six -- were rushed to University Medical Center. They've since been released and are now recovering at home in Overton.

Family members say Cody suffered a severe head injury and is completely devastated over the loss of his wife and son.

"It's going to be really tough," says Cody's father, Wade Fox. "At moments, he really struggles."   
Wade says there was no one quite like Dani.

"She was a wonderful mother," he says. "She loved her kids and was a happy person."

"She was always there when anyone ever needed her," adds Dani's brother, Michael Palmer. "And Zack was the greatest kid ever. He was so loving. He was my little buddy."

Family and friends say the three-year-old also held a special place in his mother's heart.

"He was really close to his mother," Wade says. "They were together all the time."

Knowing they're together now, even in death, brings family and friends some sense of peace in this hard time.

The Overton and Logandale communities plan to rally around the Fox family and help in any way possible.

If you'd like donate, there's been a “Fox Memorial Fund” set up at America First Credit Union in Overton. The account number is 9054198.