Dirty Dining: Royal Persis on East Flamingo

Dirty Dining: Royal Persis on East Flamingo

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Jul 18, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The many colors of mold is the theme for this week's Dirty Dining report. And judging by the health inspection, the problems had been growing for some time.

"Don't take a picture, ok?" says a man at Royal Persis restaurant as he shields his face with his hand. 

He wouldn't tell us who he was, but he sure didn't want to be on camera. And it's no wonder considering Royal Persis on East Flamingo was recently shut down with 61 demerits.

Anything over 40 is immediate closure.

Darcy Spears: Is there anybody we can talk to about the health inspection?
Man: No, nobody's here.

So what did the Health District find?

Here's a new one: you usually only hear the word adultery when referring to cheating spouses, but the health inspector found "expired and adulterated" food and cautioned the restaurant to "only sell wholesome food to the public."

The mold at Royal Persis came in many colors. There was heavy black mold in and around the ice machine chute and white mold growing on dates.  And we all know to beware of yellow snow... How about brown ice? The last place you'd want that moldy stuff is in your beverage cup.

And one of the last places you'd want to find uncovered fish is underneath leaky, dripping equipment, which is right where inspectors found it.

If you ate at Royal Persis on July 6, you likely got a taste of someone else's meal because inspectors found dried, built-up food debris on kitchenware stored as clean against dirty walls.

There was more built-up food debris inside the microwave and on handles and surfaces throughout the restaurant.

Inspectors also found a garbage can blocking the handsink, but even if the path was clear, it wouldn't have done much good because there was no soap or paper towels.

The walls and ceilings were full of holes, making inspectors concerned about what pests may be lurking inside.

And speaking of pests, inspectors noted that the fly fan was disabled. But they did find a fly swatter stored on shelving above some kitchenware.

They also found lots of unlabeled food, bags of rice stored on the floor.

And when they did find sanitizer, it was at a toxic level.

The Royal Persis won't be re-inspected, because shortly after the health inspection, the owner called the Health District and said she planned to close the restaurant down permanently. 

Signs posted outside Royal Persis say they've moved to "The Village Grill" on South Durango.

The owner tells Action News inspectors came by Royal Persis while the restaurant was in the process of closing down and that's why things there weren't up to par.

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