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New surgery called "toe-besity" available for fat toes

Joyce Lupiani

New surgery called "toe-besity" available for fat toes

CREATED Jul. 13, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Some people are self-conscious about showing off their bodies in bathing suits this time of year. Others are more worried about showing off their feet.

That is why some podiatrists are starting to offer plastic surgery.

One doctor says his specialty is what he calls "toe-besity" -- slimming down people's fat toes.

It was a procedure that he says was unheard of a few years ago but now he is getting a number of people asking to have their toes shortened or re-shaped.

And it is not generally a medical issue -- trying to relieve pain or restore function. It is a cosmetic procedure that is often requested by women who want to wear their favorite high heels.

Some podiatrists are against the practice, saying unnecessary surgery puts patients at unnecessary risk.

But others say that there is nothing wrong with helping patients.

"Women come to me and say my toes are really long, I have a hard time buying shoes. I have to buy one size larger which means my heel doesn't fit in the back or I buy my size so my toes have to cramp up. Why not fix that problem for the patient"" says Dr. Ali Sadrieh.

These are elective procedures so insurance companies generally will not cover the costs. The procedure can cost a few thousand dollars depending on exactly what is done.