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Chicken "superbug" poses danger to women

Joyce Lupiani

Chicken "superbug" poses danger to women

CREATED Jul. 12, 2012

(KTNV) -- There is a new concern that chicken may be making us sick. Scientists say there is a link between antibiotics given to the birds and infections that are being found in women.

More than eight billion chickens are raised in the United States for consumption. And nearly all of them are fed some sort of antibiotics.

A growing number of leading medical researchers say that this has led to a new strain of E. coli that is highly resistant to antibiotic treatment.

That "superbug" is not only being found in chickens and in the meat at the store, it is also now being found in women suffering from bladder infections.

Doctors say that those infections can be painful and long lasting. And that they are having to experiment with different antibiotic treatments in an effort to treat those infections.

The chicken industry disputes the research, saying that they don't believe this "superbug" is related to poultry.

But, independent researchers say that they are confident in the DNA link they have found.