Car wash held for survivors of brutal home invasion

Spencer Lubitz

Car wash held for survivors of brutal home invasion

CREATED Apr. 28, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Two young boys were left without a mother and a sister after a brutal home invasion ripped the Martinez family apart.

Saturday, friends of the family held a car wash to get those boys, and their father, Artutro, who is still in the hospital, some financial help.

The car wash was held at Real KO boxing, Arturo Martinez’s gym.

Volunteers sold shirts and bracelets with the names and faces of Yadira and Karla, the mother and daughter who were murdered.

“For remembering them and how nice they were,” said 12-year old Brendan Coffey, a neighbor of the Martinez’s and a friend of Karla’s.

Organizers had planned for the car wash before there was any word of an arrest, and while the event was still a somber one, friends of the Martinez family were ready to see justice served.

Family friend Shaun Courteney said, “For somebody to do something that horrific, to not only one but both of them, all three of them it's crazy.”