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Nevada first in children affected by foreclosure

Nevada first in children affected by foreclosure

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Apr 18, 2012
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- A new report on the mortgage crisis says nearly one in five children in Nevada are affected by foreclosures.
The report released Wednesday by the children's advocacy group First Focus shows Nevada has the highest rate in the nation of children affected by foreclosures, at 19 percent.
In all, 8 million children nationwide will be directly impacted by the mortgage crisis. Of those, 2.3 million have already lost their homes.
The report also shows that 3 million children have been evicted or face eviction from rental properties in foreclosure.
Alaska and North Dakota had the lowest rates, with 2 percent of children affected by foreclosures.
Florida, Arizona, California, Michigan and other states hit hard by the housing crisis trailed Nevada.
Nevada also has the highest unemployment rate in the nation.
Krista Hostetler

Krista Hostetler

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