Churchgoers stand behind arrested daycare owner

Churchgoers stand behind arrested daycare owner

By Drew Karedes. CREATED Apr 9, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Local churchgoers are standing behind a daycare owner who was arrested as a fugitive of the law.

Carol Kirby was arrested last week after police learned of her criminal past. Kirby is wanted in the state of Georgia on a probation violation.

She was serving a five year probation sentence in Georgia following a 2007 arrest on a number of charges, including armed robbery and kidnapping.

Kirby's business, Children "R" The Future daycare, has since been shut down and her license has been suspended by the state.

Action News has also learned that Kirby is the wife of a Las Vegas pastor. Churchgoers say she is actively involved at 'Come Unto Me' church.

"She was a great woman. She is a great woman. I'm not worrying, we already know she is coming home," said one church member who did not give her name.

An unidentified man emerged out of the church facility on Monday afternoon and demanded that an Action News crew leave the property.

Church members told Action News off camera that Kirby has turned her life around and did not deserve to have her daycare shut down.

"She loves everybody. She helps people," said another church member who did not want his name published.

According to authorities, Kirby accepted a plea deal in 2008 in Dooly County Georgia after her alleged involvement in a bank robbery.

Back then, she went by the name Carol Copeland.

At a fugitive hearing on Monday, a judge ordered Kirby to be held in jail for up to 30 days. A court spokesperson tells Action News that deputies from Dooly County, GA, can now come pick her up for extradition.

A supervisor with Nevada Childcare Licensing says that an immediate background check was not performed on Kirby when she applied for a daycare license.

Latisha Brown claims state law did not require background checks on all daycare owners at that time.

According to Brown, thorough background checks are now required on every person applying for a daycare license in the state of Nevada.