Profanity-laced video of constables angers Clark Co. commissioners

Rikki Cheese

Profanity-laced video of constables angers Clark Co. commissioners

CREATED Jan. 3, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Las Vegas Township Constables are in hot water in Clark County after a profanity-laced video was posted on YouTube.

Commissioners were upset at Tuesday's meeting when they found out the office has $4.5 million dollars in reserves, but wants the county to pay for two new employees.

They also learned some deputy constables who carry guns may not be post-certified, and some deputies making as much as $80,000 a year are paid based on the number of civil papers they serve.

But the outrage unleashed on deputies who showed up without their boss was over the video newly-elected Constable John Bonaventura posted on his personal website, that later showed up on YouTube.

The reality TV show pilot shows constables cursing, bragging about taking down civilians, and making traffic stops. Las Vegas Township Constables are peace officers, but commissioners made it clear that they felt the behavior exhibited in the video was unacceptable.

Commissioner Steve Sisolak told Action News, "We've got fine constables in some of the other jurisdictions that tried to address those problems. We invited Constable Bonaventura to be here today. He chose not to be here for whatever reason."

Commissioners asked county staff to audit the constables' finances; put the request for more staff on hold; and to see if they can get more control over the peace officers whose duties and fees are laid out under Nevada law.

Action News' attempts to reach reach Constable Bonaventura for comment on Tuesday were not successful.